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failure to get a deal will have real consequences for u.s. military readiness. >> this is not a game. this is reality. >> if the automatic cuts go into effect he says expect action from the pentagon including furloughing as many as 800,000 civilian workers for up to 22 days. cutting back on army training and maintenance, shrinking naval operations and reducing air force flying hours and weapons and its. today a group of house republicans proposed cutting the federal work force by 10%. >> our defense should not be used as a bargaining chip because of other policy aspirations of people want to accomplish. >> house speaker john boehner called sequestration a bad idea. he says it was forced upon republicans by president obama. >> it is taking a meat ax to our government and many programs in national defense. >> experts warn the impact would be especially felt in the washington area. >> i am very concerned about it. >> this car salesman says he is optimistic. >> so far we have not seen much of a decline. we don't really see a decrease in sales, but possibly in the near future, yes. >> hou
stepped in to help students.n >> leon panetta says the speed the attack on the consulate u.s. forces from to saveng in time lives. told a panel today there were signs of an imminent attack last september. chris stevens and three other americans were killed. not as the raid was assault but too short a tax six hours apart. >> the confirmation hearing for nominee didama's in not start off as planned. protesters interrupted so many times the chairman stop the hearings of the room could be cleared. joins us.oper brennan did not even get his opening remarks. >> that the nomination has been surrounded by controversy. the chairman even complimented him for his forthcoming nature by he is surrounded about how the obama itsnistration is conducting war on terror. pakistan, a sum dalia -- >> please remove that woman. >> before the committee could get under way -- >> you are killing children. >> protesters interrupted the proceedings. >> the next time we are going to the chamber. >> dianne feinstein kicked out all observers. >> we have done this five times now. five times are enough. >> nc nominated t
. >> immigrants are a big part of why the u.s. is as successful as it is. >> immigration has long divided republicans and democrats. a bipartisan group is making progress towards compromise, which now seems in danger after plans from the white house leaked out. >> this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or he does -- or does he want to get political a bandage in the next election? >> it is not going to work. we will not be able to get the votes to pass in the house. >> the president's new chief of staff insist it was only meant as a backup if the bipartisan proposal stalls in the house or senate. >> he says it is dead on arrival. >> keep in mind that the bipartisan compromise is still a work in progress. there is no actual plan yet to unveil. the democrats say give it time, and republicans say there will be a link between illegal immigrants obtain green cards and tightening border security. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> new at 6:00, prince george's county is now the center of the gun-control debate, after announcing it ha
on in his the administration. the scandal force her out. the u.s. attorney issued a statement saying that by all accounts, millicent west was a dedicated public servant who agreed to break the law to appease a crooked public official. he said this should be a lesson to all public officials and government employees that they should not jeopardize their careers to facilitate politicians. she is said to be sentenced on may 24th. >> thank you. less than a month after john leopold resigned after being found guilty of misconduct in office, and a rondo county has a -- anne arundel county has a new person in office. laura neuman serve the 22 months left on the term. >> an entire fleet of jets has been grounded after mechanics discovered a cracked engine blades. the f-35 is the pentagon pose the most expensive weapons program with an annual price tag of nearly four hundred billion dollars. the jets will be grounded until the investigation is complete. >> he is the south african olympian accused of killing his girlfriend. we will tell you what oscar pistorius had to give up in order to get out
critical threat facing the u.s. >> a protest over the keystone pipeline lead the rest of the white house today. robert f. kennedy jr.. protesters are demanding president obama reject the pipeline. they worry about environmental damage and a possible oil spill. to go a lot of talk recently about how to reduce gun violence. -- >> a lot of talk recently about how to reduce gun violence. northern virginia bureau chief joins us live from springfield. i understand this is about the straw man purchases. >> that is right. people who legally buy guns for people who cannot legally buy them for themselves. bob macdonald could be a safety task force and now promoting eight different bills aimed at curbing violence, mostly dealing with school safety. the strong men feel -- strawman bill deals with the purchases. take it you ask whether it should result in tougher penalties, you will find plenty of agreement. >> i would hope so. >> i would be in favor of stronger penalties. that is when someone legally buys a gun and sells it to someone who cannot buy on their own like a felon or someone with mental i
spot with 27 games left to play. the legendary mike is stepping down as head coach of the u.s. olympic basketball team. the usa team won gold at both the london and beijing gains. 951 career wins. stepping down as the u.s. olympic basketball coach. how about bobby mitchell? he was honored in his home town of hot springs, arkansas, today. talk about a hometown hero. he is the best. instead of playing major league baseball, he played football for the university of illinois. world-record holder in track. way to go, bobbie. >> i do not remember any opportunity i have had to mention my home town that i did not do it. i often say whenever i'm talking, if bobby mitchell can make it, you can make it. [applause] >> the legend bobby mitchell. in baseball, ross that while there threw two score less innings. bobby mitchell. >> a great athlete and a real gentleman. >> it could be the biggest threat to any gun regulations. do yourself technology allowing you to manufacture the gun parts at home. some say it is an extension of the second amendment. others say it is a threat to public safety. tonight
onans are gasoline. the energy department said last u.s. households spend of their income. $2,900 on gas, the highest level in four years. the average cost for regular gasoline hit a record high last at $3.60 a gallon. >> we spend a lot on and around here, going nowhere. the d.c. metro area is ranked for traffic in the whole country. >> we're live in northwest with specifics of the report. >> the region's traffic troubles heated debatet of in state legislatures. at center stage in richmond. say drasticy taken.s must be millions of people indoors every day. bad traffic the worst in the country? >> it is true. it is true. >> there is some solid research to back up that assertion. the transportation institutions report found the metro is indeed tops in terrible traffic. >> a lot worse. the average commuter waste 67 annually sitting in traffic. 32 gallons of gas going nowhere. if you really have to be on time for a trip which should take 28 minutes, and give yourself 114 be safe.o >> what accident and my 30 drive can turn into a 50 minute drive. i do not know what they can do. >> lower those
a terrorist organization by the u.s. and european union. the incident comes on the last day of office for secretary of state hillary clinton, who was in contact with turkey's leaders. >> i spoke with the ambassador and the team there, i spoke with my turkish counterpart and i told them how much we've valued their commitment and their sacrifice. >> the white house says while the motives may not yet be clear, this was a terrorist act. >> today as the last in office for secretary of state hillary clinton, and she worked right until the end. rebecca cooper joins us from the newsroom. she logged a lot of miles during her tenure. >> she did, leaving behind a legacy. she was dubbed the most powerful woman in history by newsweek, and many feel there is more to come from hillary clinton. today she stepped down as secretary of state and already there is talk about another possible run for the presidency in. today the former first lady turned senator turned secretary of state talked about the middle of the night phone calls from the state department operations center. >> i am for a proud to have
. >> as for the future of u.s.- iran relations, both men urged this policy. >> i hope and pray at a time that we find a basis for dialogue. i feel strongly about that. >> very compelling. you have got a busy afternoon and evening. >> it is wonderful today. tomorrow, not so wonderful. a reminder it is still wintertime. let's get started here. during the day, some high in thin clouds moving across the area. there will get the care overnight as we pick up the influences of two storm systems but it is still delightful out there. aglow above the horizon still. a high of 47. 41 right now. 48 and 30. notice that the average i is up to 50 degrees and that trend will continue. the average high will be up to 51. all the signs that spring is coming but it is still wintertime. we still have wintertime weather patterns here. when the second storm develops it will affect us with a rain but it will be a split decision based on location. at higher elevations you are dealing with sleet or freezing rain. high pressure gets out of the way and allowing the clouds moved in and the storm complex lives in. it is possible t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9